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American Pie is a prophecy that has and is coming to pass. The reason I am publishing this book is to let people who visit this web site know where the inspirations for these works came from. Long time visitors to this web site are amazed at the accuracy of these American Pie prophecies.

Over the years people have continually asked me if these prophecies came from God or did they come from my own imagination?

In this book I go into detail about my ecstatic visions and my paranormal experiences concerning the American Pie prophecies. When I started this work I believed that if these prophecies came from my own imagination they would not come to pass. But if these prophecies came from God no power on earth could stop them from being fulfilled.

This ebook will explain and interpret all the visions and divinations I experienced while interpreting the Song American Pie. The true test of this work is whether these prophecies come to pass or not. The simple answer is "if it comes to pass then it is true." On the other hand "if it does not come to pass then it is not true".

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I first learned of Roy Taylor and the American Pie Prophecy via an old cassette tape from the 80's given to me by a friend. It was a review on the project by Reverend Col. P. Gale (Reverend Col. P. Gale was an aid to General Macarthur during the second world war). I was fascinated from the moment I started listening. The old song I knew by heart in high school had just turned into a biblical education. I've been studying and referencing to the scrolled project for over eight years. I am truly amazed at the prophecy that has not only come to pass, but continues to come to pass. On the American Pie Prophecy website, you will see the "YAHWEH tunes incorporated" written on the American Pie record label. This in itself is witness to the divination of the song. Roy Taylor has documented all lyrics with detailed precision. Line upon line - precept upon precept, biblically, historically and with modern, world events. There is no question that Roy Taylor has used his gift of vision from God to interpret this song. There is no other explanation.....Bobbi

click here for information on the American Pie Redux book

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